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    • Sarah Dubois is my 10th great grandmother. I have several branches of this family back to the 1000’s! Here’s is the longest line we share:

      Pierre Le Blanc (1430 – )
      18th great-grandfather
      Pierre Le Blanc (1450 – 1520)
      Son of Pierre Le Blanc
      Pierre Hugh le Blanc ll (1475 – 1570)
      Son of Pierre Le Blanc
      Pierre Hugh Le Blanc III (1530 – 1607)
      Son of Pierre Hugh le Blanc ll
      Bartholomeus LeBlanc^ (1560 – 1608)
      Son of Pierre Hugh Le Blanc III
      Jacqueline Le Blanc (1579 – 1661)
      Daughter of Bartholomeus LeBlanc^
      Magdalena Brissen Jorisse (1611 – 1688)
      Daughter of Jacqueline Le Blanc
      Catherine Matthyse Blanchan (1637 – 1713)
      Daughter of Magdalena Brissen Jorisse
      Sarah Du Bois (1664 – 1726)
      Daughter of Catherine Matthyse Blanchan
      Janitje Jane VanMeter (1683 – 1742)
      Daughter of Sarah Du Bois
      Adolphus Hendrick (1685 – 1763)
      Son of Janitje Jane VanMeter
      William Hans Hendrick (1695 – 1737)
      Son of Adolphus Hendrick
      Mary Hendrick (1718 – 1767)
      Daughter of William Hans Hendrick
      Capt. Ambrose Lipscomb 5 (1745 – 1794)
      Son of Mary Hendrick
      Spotswood Lipscombe 4 (1778 – 1827)
      Son of Capt. Ambrose Lipscomb 5
      Nathaniel Edmund Pendleton Lipscomb Dr. 3 (1808 – 1865)
      Son of Spotswood Lipscombe 4
      Mary Phereby Lipscomb (1843 – 1897)
      Daughter of Nathaniel Edmund Pendleton Lipscomb Dr. 3
      Col. John Lipscomb Veazey (1871 – 1904)
      Son of Mary Phereby Lipscomb
      Elizabeth Dwyer Veazey (1899 – 2003)
      Daughter of Col. John Lipscomb Veazey
      Theodore Emmett (Ted E.) Lynn Jr. (1921 – 1988)
      Son of Elizabeth Dwyer Veazey
      Sharon Kathryn Lynn (ME)
      You are the daughter of Theodore Emmett (Ted E.) Lynn Jr.

      The Dubois family has many charts online (5 pages worth) tracing their linage to the abt.1070, including Crusaders. I have not had time to verify this line yet, but will, as I have other lines that intersect in the 1100’s! Just started working on Dubois after visiting in New Platz last month – while at the fort/graveyard, I told my daughter I remembered some of these names in one of my branches! She laughed, as it is over 25,000 ancestors. But after teaching almost 40 years, a strong memory can be a good thing! Glad to have another cousin! Sharon Lynn Arnold