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The first DBFA newsletter for 2015 has been posted in the archives.

DuBois Family Reunion
October 19-20, 2013

The DuBois Family Biennial Reunion brought together thirty cousins for a Friday evening reception and a busy Saturday. Friday evening we enjoyed wine and cheese and a sharing of family memories. Saturday, we began the day with a church service with the Reverend William Schnitzer as pastor and Sally DuBois at the harpsichord. Then there were house tours given by well informed guides. Right after an excellent luncheon, we heard Ms. Mary Etta Schneider, Chairperson of the HHS Board of Directors, discuss changes and new directions. Mid-afternoon, we went into a planning session and ended the day with a business meeting.

For those of you who came in late:

Historic Huguenot Street, a National Historic Landmark District, is the site of a collection of Colonial and early National period stone houses open to the public as a collective museum located in New Paltz, New York.

The village was founded in 1678 by twelve French Protestant families who fled political and religious persecution in northern France. Eleven of the families moved to the area following the purchase of nearly 40,000 acres, along the Wallkill River, from the Esopus Indians. 

The DuBois Family made up one fourth of the patentees. Louis DuBois the leader of the group and two of his sons, Abraham and Isaac. At 18 Isaac was the youngest of the twelve.

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