Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I have to be a DuBois or DuBois Descendant to join the DBFA?
    No… Being a DuBois or DuBois descendant is not a requirement of membership.
  2. Is my DBFA membership transferable?
    No… DBFA membership, including life membership, is not transferable to another person. Life membership (no longer offered by the DBFA) lasts for the lifetime of that member.
  3. When are the Family Reunions and Business meetings held?
    DBFA Reunions/business meeting are typically held in the fall, every two years (biennially).  They are held on Huguenot Street in New Paltz, NY
  4. Does my membership in the DBFA include membership in Historic Huguenot Street (HHS)?
    No… The DBFA is independent from HHS.   Some members choose to join both DBFA and HHS.  The DuBois Family Association and HHS work to support each other in various activities and projects.
  5. Are donations to the DBFA tax deductible?
    Yes… The DBFA is a “not for profit” 501C(3) corporation.
  6. When was the DBFA founded?
    The DuBois Family Association (DBFA) was formed on October 29, 1966 as an affiliate of the Huguenot Historical Society of New Paltz, New York.
  7. When did the DBFA incorporate?
    The DBFA was Incorporated in the State of New York in 1996.
  8. How is the DBFA governed?
    The DBFA is governed by the By-laws of the Association. The DBFA is run by the Executive Board of the Corporation. Executive Board members are nominated and elected by the membership. The DBFA President is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairs the Executive Board.
  9. How long is the term of office of Executive Board members?
    Executive Board members serve a two year term of office. There are no term limits.
  10. How many Executive Board members are there?
    At full capacity there are 8 members of the DBFA Executive Board. President, up to 5 Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. The office of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined.
  11. When does the Executive Board meet?
    The DBFA Executive Board does not have a regularly scheduled board meeting, but typically schedules Board meetings every two months by conference call.  The Board also conducts business by email.  On occasions when Board members are in New Paltz, NY for a reunion or other activity, the Board also meets in person.

If you have questions not answered above please use the contact us page.