Generation 12

The 12th Generation

by Taylor Gload,
10 year old grandson of Gordon & Mary Gemeny


While I was on this long trip from Maryland to New York, I was asking myself questions like “Who was one of my ancestors?” and “What will it look like?” I was soon about to find out. When we got there it looked nothing like I thought it would. I had imagined it would have logs piled, making a wall or something like that sort you see of old forts on TV. But to my surprise the DuBois Fort had an attic, upper floor, basement, shed, windows, etc. Better than that, it was easy to figure out what was what because the fort was in good condition.

While I was there, somebody was talking about a window on display. At first I thought it was an ordinary window, but when I actually started listening, I learned that it was an Old Dutch window that was held together with lead. It was worth probably millions of dollars because it was one of the only ones in the USA.

My ancestor, Nathaniel DuBois was born in 1798 and died on 8/9/1844. He was married to Catherine E. deGroff. His daughter, Rachel, was my great, great, great grandmother. I usually have school on Friday, but I didn’t so I decided to go with my grandparents Gordon Gemeny and Mary Gemeny to Huguenot Street to visit the DuBois Fort.

I could have stayed home and rode bikes and played with friends, but I’m glad I didn’t. I was the first child in my family, the thirteenth generation, to see the DuBois Fort. When I saw the fort, I felt excitement inside me saying: “Your ancestors roamed here long ago!”