***The DuBois Family Association needs your support in this area.  If you are well-versed in genealogical research and its methods, please volunteer for this effort or contribute ideas on how to facilitate our genealogical mission in our forums.

The overwhelming majority of inquiries received by the DuBois Family Association (DBFA) are genealogically related.

To this end, the DBFA has compiled a genealogical history that is partially available online via the Mormon Church.  To view or download, see our Shop.  The full history is also available for purchase on CD ROM via our Shop.

Beyond this, the Association is maintaining and moderating genealogical forums on this site that allow member and site visitors to exchange DuBois ancestral information.

The Association does not currently have a genealogist on the Executive Board and has decided not to expend DBFA funds to procure genealogical resources at this time.

Despite not currently responding to specific genealogical inquiries, the Association is continuing to collect genealogical submissions from members and seeking volunteers to compile and update the existing 20 volumes of DuBois lineage.

To submit your genealogy to the Association please visit the genealogy submission page.