About Us


The DuBois Family Association (DBFA) was formed in 1966, to preserve and purchase the DuBois Fort, the homestead of a grandson of Louis DuBois, a patentee of New Paltz. In 1968 the DuBois Fort was purchased from the DuBois descendants of Dr. John Dingman’s family with funds raised by the DBFA and given to the Huguenot Historical Society.

The DuBois Family Association formation also dedicated itself to assemble and publish the genealogy of the DuBois family. From 1968 to 1984 Ruth and William Heidgerd assembled and published 20 volumes of family history.

This comprehensive, detailed genealogy stands out for the richness of anecdotal information, and its exemplary letter/number system. Researchers agree that this system is still the easiest one to use.

The Association has added new information, corrected errors, reedited the volumes, and made them available on CD.

In June 1996, the DuBois Family Association incorporated as a 501c(3) not for profit corporation with the State of New York.

Funds raised by the DBFA are used to preserve, restore, and repair the DuBois Fort. The Association also continues to preserve and advance Huguenot heritage with educational programs at its reunion in New Paltz, NY every two years.  Although no longer affiliated under HHS, the Association continues to work closely with HHS and its programs to preserve the Huguenot heritage and the historic houses.