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dubcoa2e.gifWelcome to the DuBois Family Association Website (DBFA).

Any and all are welcome to become active members of our Association by clicking “Online Application” to the right.  *YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROVIDE ANY PAPERWORK OR PROOF OF HERITAGE TO JOIN US!   Again, all who support our mission are welcome to join DBFA and we have various membership and payment levels to suit your needs.

Also, please become a free, registered user of this website by clicking on “User Login/Register” on the right side of this page.

Our website is designed as an informational repository as well as a place to socialize, communicate, and exchange information about the DuBois Family.  Within the site you can:

  • Find what you want to know about the DuBois family and the DBFA
  • Ask genealogical questions and exchange lineage information in our forums
  • Learn about the next DuBois family reunion in New Paltz, NY
  • Get the latest newsletter online
  • Meet, reconnect, or socialize with other  family members
  • Join and support the association
  • Donate and purchase DuBois merchandise
  • Facilitate Association initiatives that further the DuBois heritage
  • Post family information,  provide feedback, explore our forum topics, and socialize via our Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Contact us with any questions you may have regarding DBFA

Please register today and begin to build an online DuBois community!