DBFA is actively seeking a new webmaster with specific experience in WordPress and social media:

  • Moderate, enhance, and maintain a basic WordPress website with BuddyPress, forums, a moderate level of plugin functionality, and limited theme/CSS modification.
  • Enhance the digital design and aesthetics of the current website via themes, CSS, images, and advanced graphic design.
  • Manage Linux-based shared server space leased from LiquidWeb/Deluxe Hosting.  Maintain hosting via C/Panel and administer email accounts, email forwarding, mailing lists, and MySQL database supporting WordPress.
  • Manage dbfa.org domain registration and ownership via GoDaddy.
  • Manage licensing and software updates for membership software (MemberTies) via Myrro.  Maintain remote-hosting relationship with Myrro for the MySQL database supporting MemberTies.
  • Moderate and maintain Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Explore other existing and burgeoning social media opportunities including crowdfunding.
  • Support IT needs of Association Officers on an ongoing basis and report to Board at quarterly meetings.

The Board also would like to hear from anyone with experience, expertise, and interest in codifying and validating a backlog of genealogical records archived by DBFA.

Please contact the Board regarding these opportunities on our contact page.