Historical Marker in front of Fort Flag poles in front of Grimm Gallery Fort with the new roof. Roof was completed in Summer of 2009. plaque next to flag poles memorial to the Huguenot Patentees

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The Reunion in pictures

 Did you miss the reunion? Were you there and have fond memories of the fun filled weekend? In either case you can relive the reunion through this pictorial view of the weekend. 

 Click on a picture to view a larger picture. To view another picture return to this page using the back  button on your browser and click on the next picture you wish to view.

 As you place the mouse over each picture you will get a brief description of the picture. Starting at the top are pictures from the Friday night cheese and wine get together. Next, starting with the picture of The Rev. Nigel Massey in the French Church, are pictures from Saturdays reenactment events. Next, starting with the honor guard at the entrance to Deyo Hall, are pictures of the annual business meeting and the official DBFA reunion picture. The pictorial tour ends with a shot of the Thanksgiving decorations at the house next to the reformed church.