Membership is open to anyone who is interested in preserving the heritage of the DuBois family.

Differing levels of membership and commitment are available:

  • Individual – 1 Yr. Term – $25
  • Individual – 3 Yr. Term – $62
  • Household (2 Adults) – 1 Yr. Term – $37
  • Household (2 Adults) – 2 Yr. Term – $62
  • Family (2 Adults, 3 Children) – 1 Yr. Term – $75
  • Contributor – 1 Yr. Term – $62
  • Donor – 1 Yr. Term – $125
  • Patron – 1 Yr. Term – $625

To become a new member or renew your membership after receiving a dues notice, simply click the crest below to add the membership to your cart and proceed through the checkout process:


The Association solicits and accepts genealogical records from new members.  To learn about our genealogical efforts please visit the genealogy page and submit your genealogy if you desire.

All members of the DuBois Family Association will receive a membership card and two newsletters per year.

Memberships run the calendar  year and renewals are sent out in January.  First-year memberships will be extended if one or both of the newsletters have already been distributed prior to your enrollment.

If you wish to pay via check please complete the online membership form and mail your personal check to the President.  Alternatively, you can print the membership application and mail it with personal check to the remittance address provided on the form.

If you need to update the contact information associated with your membership, please complete the membership update form.