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  • While I am not a direct decendant of Sarah and Abraham, I have run across Sarah’s story in my pursuit of Helena Bayard (300 years missing). If you are on, LaVonneAStockdale(sic) has posted stories of the DuBois’ and Van Meteren. Sarah married the younger Van Meter who was one of the children kidnapped with Catherine DuBois by the…[Read more]

  • All my research shows that the DuBoises came directly from NY, most likely the Albany area. Michigan became a state in 1837, so it was still wild territory when they came to what would become Hillsdale County. Daniel is buried here, so they brought the whole family, signaling every intention of making this their permanent home. I can’t be sure of…[Read more]

  • I am searching for Helena Bayard’s death date and hope that someone can help.She was the daughter of Petrus Bayard (1673-1710) andRachel Van Baal (1675-1711) Helena and her husband, Johannes DuBois (1708-1806) were married in 1730. They had two sons, Gualtherus (anglicized as Walter) 1737-1814) and Petrus (1731-1814)
    Helena connects the two…[Read more]

  • I’m new to forums, so please bear with me as I learn how to navigate these pages.
    The Louis Dubois descendants that traveled to MI with Daniel Garritson DuBois (1822-1845) Where his son and Grandson, Alfred Clark (1845-1921) and Fred Clark (1875-1950) respectively, established the family name and helped develop the village of Bankers.…[Read more]

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    • I tried to find the stories you mentioned on Ancestry regarding my 10th great grandmother, Sarah Dubois, but the member you cited has a Private Tree. Per chance, did you make a copy of the stories or do you remember the gist of such – would love to read them! Thank you for your interest in this part of the DuBois line – Sharon Lynn Arnold