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    Our History
    〓10/10/1996:Xinchanglong was founded, and engaged in the development, production and sales of lubricating oil.
    〓4/2013:The optical communication filling material project was established, and Xinchanglong fully entered into the new material and new technology field.
    〓1/2014:Xinchanglong became the first semi-fluid ultra- high voltage insulating material manufacturer in China, and the ultra-high voltage electric appliance filling compound developed by Xincahnglong’s own R&D was used by State Power all net.
    〓7/2014:Obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification issued by the MOST.
    〓7/2015:Wholly owned subsidiary Huagao New Material Technology Ltd was founded in Haimen city, which is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sales of nano-materials and optoelectronic products.
    〓7/2015:Modified to be a joint stock limited company,Xinchanglong New Material Technology Co.,Ltd
    〓12/2015:Successfully went public ( Stock code : 834803) .
    〓1/2016:Wholly owned subsidiary Xinchanglong New Material Research Institute Ltd was founded in Shenzhen city,and independently developed multifunction plastic modifier, special glass yarn,lubricating grease for cable head.etc,engaged in new materials research and development and sales of optical communication, cable and other industries.
    〓5/2016:Wholly owned subsidiary Xinchanglong New Material LLC was founded in Panjin city.
    〓6/2016:Kingsen Carbon Materials Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in Shenzhen city,engaged in the production, development and industrialization of graphene.
    〓6/2016:Xinchanglong entered into the “new three board” innovation layer.
    〓11/2016:The share-holding subsidiary MPD High-tech Co., Ltd was founded in Shenzhen and focus on the development of lithium ion battery positive water adhesive.
    〓9/2017:Wholly owned subsidiary Xinchanglong Industry Co.,Ltd was founded in Longyan city.
    Our Factory
    Xinchanglong New Material Technology Co.,Ltd was founded at the end of the last century , headquartered in the frontier city of Chinese Reform and Opening —— Shenzhen. Xinchanglong is located on the shore of Guanlan lake, covers more than 7000 square meters. Xinchanglong has devoted itself to the research and development and innovation of new materials and new technologies for a long time, covering the fields of optical communication, electric power insulation and new energy. Xinchanglong is a national high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. Since 2013, Xinchanglong has been developing rapidly and its operating income has increased by more than 70% annually.
    For many years, Xinchanglong has always adhered to the industrialization of research achievements and continuously promoted the enterprise value. In 2013, Xinchanglong introduced the optical communication filling compound project. With the professional level and mature technology in the field of new material, its filling compound for optical fiber cable was awarded “Guangdong Province famous brand” title.
    In the field of optical communication, Xinchanglong has rapidly risen to become one of the leading enterprises in the market of optical communication filling compound. In 2014, Xinchanglong won the title of national high-tech enterprise through scientific research and technological innovation; In 2015, Xinchanglong successfully went public ( Stock code : 834803 ); In 2017, Xinchanglong was selected into the comprehensive development index of strategic emerging industries in China ( Index code :1B0891 ) .
    Xinchanglong has four wholly-owned subsidiaries and two holding subsidiaries. Wholly-owned subsidiaries are distributed in Shenzhen , Shanghang , Haimen and Panjin. The holding subsidiaries are Shenzhen Kingsen Carbon Materials Technology Ltd and Shenzhen MPD Hitech Ltd .Kingsen is engaged in the production and development and application of carbon new materials. And MPD is dedicated to building a new generation of environment-friendly lithium battery water-based adhesive.
    At the same time, On the basis of introducing and absorbing advanced technology from home and abroad, Xinchanglong exchanges and cooperates with many domestic research institutes and universities,increases innovation investment, introduces high-level scientific research talents, equip with perfect laboratory equipment, and has gained more than a dozen invention patents authorization.
    In the future, Xinchanglong will aim to keep the “quality achieves brand, technology casts value” , constantly blaze new trails, and take material science as the core, regard product quality as the life, adhere customer satisfaction as the purpose.With the perfect sales service system, high-efficient and high-quality R&D and management team, Xinchanglong is dedicated to providing cost-effective and high-quality new material products for the progress of human civilization.

    Our Product
    Filling compound/gel/jelly for wire/cable/optical fiber cable
    Product Application
    Communication ,new energy,new material
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment Water Blocking Glass Yarn suppliers