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    David C Sanders

    Sarah du Bois (daughter of Louis)is my 8th great grandmother. My family connection begins with the marriage of Ruth VanMeter to Captain Samuel Gill (Kentucky) Ruth’s father was Henry, his father was John, and his father was Joost JANSEN VAN METERN who married Sara Du Bois. would love to chat with someone who could provide me with more info on these ancestors.



    Hi David,

    I am also a descendant of the Dubois and VanMeter families. They are actually fairly easy to find out about with online trees, blogs, genealogies (along with this website).

    I just looked up Ruth VanMeter and Samuel Gill and found this page: – interesting and a branch I did not know about!




    I had to find out more because I thought from what you wrote that the people you mentioned were related to me – and I found that they were. Ruth Van Meter was my 1st cousin, 7 times removed. Her father Henry was my 7th great uncle (and a brother of my 7th great-grandfather Jacob VanMeter). This site shows tons of details about the family – the page I am linking is Ruth VanMeter’s.


    Brian Protheroe

    Greetings! I am a recent addition to the Dubois Family Association, and I look forward to participation in the forums and connecting points of family history. Sarah Dubois would be my 9th great grandmother, and her son Jan Van Meter my 8th great grandfather. Surnames to follow would be Shepherd, Brown, Grove, Remsberg and Ensminger. Franklin Shepherd Grove, my 2nd great grandfather, arrived in eastern Kansas in the 1870s. I’ve been in California for the past decade.


    Melanie Shearman

    While I am not a direct decendant of Sarah and Abraham, I have run across Sarah’s story in my pursuit of Helena Bayard (300 years missing). If you are on, LaVonneAStockdale(sic) has posted stories of the DuBois’ and Van Meteren. Sarah married the younger Van Meter who was one of the children kidnapped with Catherine DuBois by the Esopus Indians.
    Good luck.


    Fred Dubois

    I’am Fred Dubois raised in fort Wayne Indiana and just joined this site. My wife and I are living with my son Tracy, while my house is being built. A couple of years ago I started to trace my genealogy. I’am related to Louis DuBois of New Paltz, New York. Once we get moved in and I can get to my records I would love to share what I have found. There are several cemeteries in Peru Ind, and Macy Ind. where a lot of Dubois’s are buried. I also think I’am related to David Dubois your President. I look forward to go to 2019 reunion. I’am currently 72 yrs young. Till the next time family——-Fred

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