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    Melanie Shearman

    I am searching for Helena Bayard’s death date and hope that someone can help.She was the daughter of Petrus Bayard (1673-1710) andRachel Van Baal (1675-1711) Helena and her husband, Johannes DuBois (1708-1806) were married in 1730. They had two sons, Gualtherus (anglicized as Walter) 1737-1814) and Petrus (1731-1814)
    Helena connects the two families of French nobility. The Bayards were also French Huguenots of Noble descent from Southern France.The Bayard family are well known in early American politics with several Revolutionary War patriots, judges,and senators, to name a few.
    If anyone has a lead on Helena’s death date, I would be grateful. This poor woman is well over 300 years old. She should be allowed to rest. According to the information I was able to find, Helena lived all her life in NY State.
    Thank you in advance for any help.

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